Welcome to the blog of The Self-Reliant Millennial!

If life doesn’t seem to be going the way you want look deep inside and ask, what have I done to better my life today, yesterday, or the week prior. Every day we should confidently move forward seeking the opportunities that  are waiting to present themselves. We cannot change our pasts but we most definitely can shape our future.


Hi there, my name is Myron but here I go by The Self-Reliant Millennial, aka The SRM. I currently own and operate a small home maintenance company, I’m building a wood craft business, I’m growing our hobby farm, and I run this blog. I enjoy analyzing things, working with my hands, and being a parent. If you have ever met me you probably know me as laid-back and quiet. I am not a flashy person nor do I draw much attention to myself.  I hope to share my stories of who I am and how I got this way.

At a party or get together, I am one who slips in unnoticed, grabs a bite to eat or a drink, and finds a secluded corner with someone I already know to talk to. I have never felt the desire to have the spotlight turned on me. Large crowds often make me anxious and irritable. I enjoy people, I just need people who like to spend time together in more personal settings. My wife Kristina is my best friend and I unashamedly spend 99% of my free time with her and our two children Elikai and Akiiva. Typically if a friend calls me up to hangout they can expect that my family will be coming along too.

My life can be extremely busy with family, gardening, hunting, fishing, woodworking, and many other outdoorsy activities. This makes for an active lifestyle which helps me to build confidence as I expand my knowledge base. As I seize the opportunities that present themselves, my future continues to look brighter every day.

I hope that I can help to inspire you, go forth boldly and make your own way in life, lean on those who build you up, and build confidence in who you are. We are all working towards the same goal of having happy productive lives. Circumstance can make things harder/easier on a person but faith can keep us moving forward. My wish for you all is that you would believe in yourself, believe in others, and believe in humanity.

Live your life with confidence, opportunity is waiting. – The SRM